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Some banks smash customers trust

Act Today to Keep Payday Lending Out of NC

North Carolina residents spent years getting rid of payday lending in our state. Then it took five more years and considerable legal action to get these predatory lenders out of the state for good. Why on earth are some NC lawmakers inviting this predatory industry back?

Hear one NC pastor's appeal:

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Some banks smash customers trust

Tell Washington: A Payday Loan is a Payday Loan

Like storefront payday loans, bank payday loans are priced at nearly 400% annual interest, and their short terms create a cycle of debt that turns customers into trapped borrowers. Tell bank regulators to act quickly to stop payday lending from becoming business as usual in our nation's banking system.Take Action »

Stamp Out Re-ordering

Is Your Bank Cooking the Books?

If your bank is reordering transactions to charge more overdrafts, they should hear from you. Take Action »

End Legal Loansharking

Help free millions of Americans from short-term loans that create long-term, high-cost debt. Take Action »

Share Your Story

Have you seen the impact of predatory lending in your own community? Are you a victim of predatory lending? Your story can show how predatory lending damages families and communities. Take Action »

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